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(1)At present our plan is the only scalable plan for reducing sufficient carbon to avoid the 2030's deadline.

(2)We have great plans for Arizona including schools, immigration, re-empowering citizens, managing guns, etc., but our first priority and yours must be climate repair or nothing else will matter for long.

(3) Read our full platform and then share it with 3 other Arizona voters.

(4) Ask them to do the same with 3 people they know. This is how we can grow our campaign without falling under the control of corporate special interests.

(5) WRITE-IN your vote for "Christian R. Komor" in November.

Additionally, we could use your support on any of the following:

(1) Part of an organization, union, club, etc.?  Send us an endorsement from your organization for the Komor for Governor Campaign.

(2) Interview the candidate for your publication or suggest an interview to a sister organization. We must get the word out and begin building momentum!

(3) Reach out to your contacts in media and civic groups and arrange for a candidate interview talk, town meeting, or PowerPoint presentation. Schedule the candidate to speak at one of your upcoming events.

(4) Direct folks to us who would like to volunteer on the campaign (they can even work from home). We need all types of volunteers from IT professionals to writers and presenters to organizers and canvassers.

(5) Make a donation or buy bumper stickers at www.komorforgovernor.com (and spread them around). 

(6) Post on social media with a link to the web page.

(7) Call your contacts in Arizona and direct them to our web page. Tell them to vote their conscience!