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With a good heart and a good team of advisors, running the day-to-day of state government is not difficult - Even Doug Ducey can do it!  What is difficult is looking beyond today to protecting our future. Did you notice with all the issues raised and jockeying for position in the 2018 Elections NOT ONE WORD WAS SAID BY ANY CANDIDATE OR MEDIA PERSON ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE the most crucial, deadly and over-riding issue humanity has ever faced!  Without a functioning atmosphere human life obviously cannot continue.  Corporate profit margins, jobs, education, minority rights and all the rest are so many deck chairs to rearrange on the Titanic - while the ship itself speeds toward what science knows to be a certain doom.  If we don't change course - address THE PINK ELEPHANT standing right in front of us we may as well stop having children now and kiss our hopes for our young already here goodbye.

Recently the Secretary General of the United Nations said of Climate Disruption, "It is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. If we do not change course by 2020 we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us." (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates closer to 2040.) I am splitting the difference and guessing we most likely have until somewhere in the mid-2030's before the damage to our atmosphere becomes irreparable and climate disasters begin to escalate exponentially beyond our ability to keep up. We are already seeing the slowing of ocean currents, methane release from beneath melting ice, rising sea levels, altered disease vectors, the appearance of novel carbon-releasing microbes in the soil (the largest repository of carbon on Earth by the way), and more. The important take-away is that a Climate Deadline is coming and it’s approaching very, very fast.

I spent the last several years working with Vice President Al Gore's climate team, and subsequently an IPCC break-off team of senior scientists who themselves have worked diligently the last 10 years refining the what is now the world's leading plan for safe and effective atmospheric carbon removal. Some very, very brilliant engineering has gone into what is now known as Ocean Assisted Carbon Capture (OACC). OACC can start right here in the desert of Arizona with government nudging energy utilities to retrofit with new, affordable carbon capture technology then using the byproducts as feedstock for carbon-devouring EHUX algae grown around SPAR platforms in oligotrophic, equatorial waters. 

A large project indeed and because of that one which must be begun now.  It would have been immensely helpful if Arizona voters had had the foresight to see this issue and elect a leader who knows how to get the climate repair process underway.  Doug Ducey only knows how to run a business and make profits. For those of us who care about our children and future generations lining our pockets now is not enough. If we miss the “tipping levels” (as they are known) in the 2030’s everything else will be just about making our last 100 years here as an endangered species more bearable. Do something meaningful and repair our atmosphere - give your children back their future.

Dr. Christian R. Komor, Author "Climate Deadline 2035" 



February, 2018:  As Candidate Komor started to gave speeches at venues across the state from Kayenta Township Hall to Bisbee's 4th of July Celebration the FBI was tracing  hacking which took down our Facebook page, a primary campaign tool. FBI Investigators reported no less than 5 computers were involved (2 of the IP addresses were located on Air Force bases in Arizona and Alaska). The Facebook page has remained mostly inoperable throughout the campaign year (forcing us to post updates here on our web site.  (Who would benefit most from this attack on our political process?)  


April 2018:  In the first months of the campaign we sent physical letters to dozens of celebrities with historical commitments to the environment, hundreds of emails and phone calls to environmental organizations, and every media outlet in Arizona.  The response was stunning.....Nothing.  (We had one response from a professor in Copenhagen who somehow learned about the campaign.)  Even when provided with clear research data that dangerous tipping levels were approaching and that there was a way out, the response was a frightening silence.  Even as a psychologist I was surprised by the thickness of the  blanket of denial surrounding the climate crisis.  The campaign pushed forward. 


April 15, 2018:  Ignoring last-minute requests for a veto, Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation to protect utilities from having to generate more of the power sold to their Arizona customers from renewable sources.  The move comes despite a letter from various groups with environmental interests that Ducey recognize there is a need for the state to require more of utilities here. At this point, the only mandate they face is the one approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission to have 15 percent of power from wind, solar, geothermal and other similar sources by 2025.

"Arizona has a unique natural resource as America's sunniest state, but we still get less than 6 percent of our energy from solar power,'' said the group including the Sierra Club, Progress Arizona Now and Physicians for Social Responsibility.  The initiative being promoted by NextGen America would boost the requirement to 50 percent by 2030. And it would specifically preclude utilities from counting nuclear power as "renewable.''

"If Arizonans want to take control of their energy future and the quality of the air and water we leave our children and grandchildren, we should be trusted to do so,'' the environmental groups wrote. But it took Ducey less than 24 hours to side with the Republicans who control both the House and Senate to approve the legislation that had been crafted by Arizona Public Service Co., the state's largest electric utility, and was backed by Tucson Electric Power Co., UniSource Energy Services and the Grand Canyon State Electrical Coop Association. Salt River Project


October 22, 2018: So what are we going to do about that caravan of thousands of refugees from Central America?  The Trump Campaign was in town this week to sling mud on them. Mexico accepted a six-fold increase in refugee claims in 2017 prompting while the National Human Rights Commission warned of the “pending collapse of the refugee protection system in Mexico”.  

Like most other wealthy countries around the world Mexico is attempting to accept a share of the massive migrant burden.   But if you were born and raised in Hondruas, Guatamala or El Salvadore what would motivate you to give up everything and walk thousands of miles risking extortion,injury, kidnapping, and imprisonment?  The surprising answer: Climate Change!

In a recent report a United Nations study group concluded that the Central American region is being "severely affected by climate change due to the potential for impacts to occur simultaneously and compound one another" (e.g. food shortage leads to desperation and desperation leads to crime and corruption). 

In Central America runoff from the Andes is decreasing and agricultural yields, livestock and fisheries are experiencing dramatic reductions.  National Geographic described the vital Amazon Rainforest as "all but lost". The UN report states, "These physical and biophysical climate change impacts challenge human livelihoods. Furthermore, there is evidence that human health, coastal infrastructures and energy systems are also being negatively affected."  

Climate Change is the leading focus of the Komor4Governor Campaign but our efforts are directed at resolving the Climate Crisis rather than mitigating the damage. In that sense, our Platform on the migration issue is seemingly similar to that of Ducey/Trump........hold the line if possible....... but for entirely different reasons.  

From our perspective accommodating migration triggered by Climate Change is like tossing more sandbags on the pile to stop the floodwaters - it only works for so long and at great cost.  If we must we must, but we don't need to!  There is a much better option now available - one that no other candidate is even discussing - use available technology to Reverse Climate Disruption while we still have time.  We can begin this process once in the Governors Office.  You need to get us there!  Get your friends and family out to WRITE IN your vote on November 6th for CHRISTIAN R. KOMOR.

Right: Doug Ducey fawning over Donald Trump


October 24, 2018:   Today as a society we are fragmented, distracted and pitted against one another by a hundred different problems, and a thousand entertainment options (and often we can no longer tell the difference!).  Education, poverty, ineffective government, civil rights pollution, terrorism, immigration - the list goes on and on. AND it seems like every group has it's own approach, it's own take on the situation.   Now we head together into the Midterm Elections of 2018 like a herd of cats each famished for some real progress. 

As a Candidate I get a round quite a bit and I try to do as much listening as I can.  What better why to learn about the needs of the people I might be serving soon.  Today, not one water cooler clutch, or civic group, or lunch meeting was discussing the pipe bombs sent to Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN, and other high-profile democratic targets.  Not one.  I guess it was just another day, another pipe bomb, another police shooting, another oil spill, another pod of whales beaching themselves to die.  

Having served 30 years as a Doctor of Psychology I am amazed at how perfectly our society has been shaped into prey.  Distracted, divided, anxious, stressed, shell-shocked, lied to so often we are afraid to trust, and each focused somewhere else - we are in the optimal state for molding, shaping and directing.

In 1936, while campaigning for a second term, President Roosevelt told a roaring crowd at Madison Square Garden that “The forces of ‘organized money’ are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.  I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match, [and] I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it these forces have met their master.”  

At the time it took a Great Depression and a Dustbowl to rally Americans around a New Deal.  I believe we are now confronted with an even larger crisis ripe with opportunity.  In 15-20 years we will have lost control of our Earth's atmosphere forever - forever.  On an ever-worsening Elysium-esque world our children's children will gasp and claw  out humanities last years.  A much larger crisis than the Great Depression or World War II - humanity will rise or fall on just one roll of the dice and if we don't roll soon we will lose even that chance.

The opportunity is that we can use the Climate Crisis as a rallying point.  We can decide that "the buck stops here".  We can let this be our Pearl Harbor, our Battle of Britain, our New Deal!  The effort to directly remove carbon from our atmosphere can be our defining moment when we turn toward rather than away from one another, when we stop listening to those greedy, shrill cries of "Look over there they are coming across the border to take everything we have."  (Do any of us really believe a few thousand farmers in sandals could not be halted by the most powerful nation the world has ever known?  Stop worrying!)   We can let Climate Change be our call to can act swiftly to - in the words of FDR - “Wage a war against this emergency just as though we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe!"


October 27, 2018:   “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  - Edmund Burke

Today in Pittsburgh a gunman walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue yelling "All Jews must die" and opened fire.  I'm not sure why, but my mind we to thinking of the viciousness of the political attack adds splashed all over our televisions here in Phoenix (and yes I am talking about Doug Ducey).  Like a Trump rally, hate seems to be in vogue everywhere, not just in Pittsburgh.

Arizona, we can do better.  We MUST do better.  We must find a commonality between us and the only thing BIG enough - the only thing I know of BIG enough that encompasses us all is Climate Change.  

Climate Change threatens us all and those we love.  It hangs like a shadow over everything we do.  Won't we feels silly when we look back 20 years from now (when Arizona will be a disease-ridden dust bowl with no way to repair things) at all these petty grievances of race and religion and sex we are allowing to turn into murderous rampages!  

In the words again of Franklin Roosevelt, we must come together to “Wage a war against this emergency just as though we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe!"  Climate Change is the only issue so urgent, so powerful, and so encompassing that to win, to survive, we MUST stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.  I can show you how, but you must make a choice by November 6th.  Will you elect team to us together into a battle to repair our atmosphere, or will you follow Doug Ducey over a cliff in search of more money and "better jobs".  Please tell your friends about the opportunity our campaign represents, and get us the write-in votes we need November 6th!  


October 28, 2018:  People tend to mistreat each other when we mentally decide we are in separate distinct groups – “us and them”. On the other hand, when our sense of belonging extends to the whole human community rather than stopping at the boundaries of our own social groups, conflict is dramatically reduced.

A great example was the university psychological experiment where Jewish college students were asked first about their willingness to “forgive modern day Germans for what they did to Jewish people in the Holocaust”. Then they were asked if they could “forgive people for their treatment of other people during the holocaust”. A much higher percent of forgiveness was recorded for the People-People scenario than the Germans-Jews scenario. By simply shifting the frame of reference and removing the “Us vs Them” element from the equation forgiveness become possible.

Another example is program called Teen Challenge Day that provides a powerful experience of common humanity for high school students. In one TCD exercise teens line up on one side of the room and the leader asks them to crossover to the other side of the room if they've ever had one of a series of negative experiences which are then read off. Examples are: “Have you ever been discriminated against because of economic status or the color of your skin?” “Have you ever been humiliated in a classroom by a teacher?” “Have other students made fun of you for the clothes that you wore for the shape, size or appearance of your body?” At some point every person in the room crosses over to stand on the other side making it clear that all teens suffer from judgmental cruelty at one point or another – a universal experience in common. Typically, even the toughest kids will tear up after participating in the exercise as compassion flows for themselves and others. The teens realize that their sense of isolation has been an illusion. They are all members of the same “in group” – the human race - and we have many more similarities than differences and are therefore always automatically connected to the whole.

Connection and compassion, however, are not good for business and don’t make for great political careers. You and I have been socially engineered to see differences instead of commonalities, good and bad instead of interestingly different. But, like the cigarette smoking propaganda before it, this scheme is folding in on itself – self-destructing. A myriad of recent events have demonstrated that we cannot go on as a nation divided. We must change – we must join together or be ripped apart.

To do this we need, in a sense, a defining group experience – a Pearl Harbor if you will. Conveniently we have one – Global Warming! Global warming is our Pearl Harbor, our call to call to draw together the humanity. To solve this problem we must pool our resources – it’s too big a problem for anyone to solve alone. And just to make sure we make this leap of faith God has created the biggest ante in our history as a species. On our ability to solve climate change rests our very survival. AND to up the pressure, there is also a ticking clock! We must come together soon, in the next 10-15 years or the bell will toll and the game will be over.

This is one of the reasons that repairing climate change has been so high on my campaign platform at Komor4Governor. I and my advisors do not believe a nation this divided against itself can long stand. We must find a common ground and the only common ground big enough for all of us to stand on is climate repair. And climate repair does not mean recycling and going green – that has nothing to do with it. Those are for the future after we win this battle. It means directly removing carbon already in the atmosphere. Komor4Governor has a safe, tested plan for doing this, BUT it requires standing together – first to cast your write-in vote for us. Second to support us as we bring government and industry together in a massive effort involving carbon capture, our Earth’s oceans, and human ingenuity. We can do this, we must do this, and with your support we will do this! 

- Christian R. Komor For Arizona Governor


November 1, 2018:  As I'm sure you know by now one of the things that makes the Komor4Governor campaign unique is we truly care about your children's future and the environment.  Once elected we will to initiate a climate repair plan to restore functioning to our atmosphere.  One perceptual problem we have been running into, however, is the illusion that this somehow is a preposterous, unrealistic or impossible idea.

With that in mind, I ask you to picture this and tell me if you think it’s a crazy idea.  We put a huge, and I mean 22,000 tons HUGE metal platform (let’s call it something cool and historic like a “SPAR”) way out in the Gulf of Mexico. Not in the shallow part either! We put it where the water is an average depth of say 8,000 feet! To make things more interesting let’s build the SPAR 8,200 miles away in Finland so we will have to drag it over to the Gulf of Mexico with a couple of giant barges. Then, once everything is hooked up, we make it suck 200 million cubic feet of gas and 100,000 barrels of flammable oil every single day 24/7 through a 27-mile network of pipelines on the ocean floor. Of course, that oil can explode and catch fire and devastate everything for 4 or 5 thousand square miles and 75% of that will be unrecoverable (trust me it’s happened before) so we will also put a couple of helipads on the thing so there will room for two Sikorsky S-92 escape helicopters that can carry 19 passengers each. Let’s see, with a workforce of 172 people the helicopters will have to make about ten 80 mile trips to get everyone safely to land if something goes wrong. So, what do you think is this an awesome idea or what? Let’s get started!

I’m not making fun of human ingenuity here. The point I am addressing is that somehow, for some strange reason (could there be a profit motive perhaps?) there is a myth floating around that repairing our damaged atmosphere through direct removal of carbon is not only an impossible idea, but a bad idea. So, my point is we need to have a little context when it comes to imagining atmospheric repair. Does anyone recall a discussion that went like, “Can we build and deploy giant and highly dangerous oil platforms?” Nope, there were profits to be made and corporations just did it. Now we are taking about the survival of humanity and the idea of using SPAR-type platforms to raise EHUX sea algae to remove carbon from the atmosphere sounds somehow like a crazy pipe-dream? How is that? Does that make any sense? No, of course it doesn’t. In fact, it sounds absolutely insane not to try – especially since we already have the technology and the down side is negligible. Carbon eating EHUX algae live a week tops. If something goes wrong, we just let the current crop die out and that’s the end of the project. No massive explosions, dead employees, or irreparable contamination of the ecosystem. 

The truth is we have been “geoengineering” for the sake of greed alone for decades with no one questioning the wisdom of doing so – until we found out the result was going to be the extinction of our own species within this century. So the next time you even think about, or hear anyone even faintly whisper anything about active climate repair being unrealistic, or dangerous, or too expensive quash those delusions fast and hard. That’s all they are and very, very dangerous ones at that! 

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